Alessandro Scarlatti


La Lira di Orfeo, Coro Ghislieri, Rosetta Cucchi, Raffaele Pe, Carmela Remigio, Francesca Ascioti, Mariam Battistelli, Krystian Adam, Miriam Albano, Carlo Buonfrate, Roberta Chirulli, Vanessa Liberto, Serena Rizzi, George Petrou


Alessandro Scarlatti is one of the key figures of Italian Baroque opera and the influential Neapolitan school in particular. Griselda is the last of Scarlatti’s operas to have survived intact to the present day. Its narrative is set in motion by the marriage of the King of Sicily to a poor shepherdess; the ensuing complications of love and the tensions between country and court delivering an entertainment full of lyrical charm and lively action. Performed by a superb team of Baroque specialists and acclaimed singers, this production is set in Puglia’s magnificent Palazzo Ducale and celebrates the 300th anniversary of Griselda’s prémiere.